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Alec Benjamin is an indie singer/songwriter and musician active since 2013. His breakout single, “Let Me
Down Slowly” from 2018, has been streamed nearly one billion times on Spotify with the official

YouTube video earning more than 352 million views. He recorded a Mandarin Chinese version of
another single, “The Way You Felt” in 2021, which almost immediately went to number one in China.
Alec Shane Benjamin was born May 28, 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona. Except for two years spent in Long
Island, New York, Benjamin and his sister Logan were raised in Phoenix. The 2020 track “If We Have
Each Other” was written for her.

As a student at the University of Southern California, Benjamin submitted a self-funded album to
Columbia Records which included his later self-released debut single, “Paper Crown.” Although he was
able to procure a contract, Columbia soon terminated the contract. To make ends meet, Benjamin took
on a series of odd jobs, released music on YouTube and began performing in the parking lots of concert
venues where he handed out business cards. A series of singles soon followed beginning in 2016 which
included “The Water Fountain,” “End of the Summer” and “I Built a Friend.” The latter was used as
backing music for the 2017 dance audition of America’s Got Talent contestant, Merrick Hanna.
Benjamin released Narrated For You in 2019. This was a mixtape which charted at number 127, and
which featured “Let Me Down Slowly,” his 2018 breakout hit. His debut studio album, These Two
Windows, reached number 75 on the Billboard 200 and of its ten tracks, seven were released as singles.
Alec Benjamin’s second LP, (Un)Commentary, is scheduled for release on April 15 as a digital download
and will be available for streaming. The album’s first single, “Shadow of Mine,” has already been
released. His next national tour begins April 9 at the Knitting Factory Concert House Spokane in
Spokane, Washington.

KWXY Music Radio supports musicians and artists performing in the Coachella Valley, as well as
independent music labels, and emerging talent all over the country. Alec Benjamin is slated to perform
in the Coachella Valley, on April 17 th and April 24 nd at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

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