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  • Hailey Bieber to break her silence on accusations she "stole" Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez

    Gotham/GC ImagesAlthough Hailey Bieber wed Justin Bieber four years ago, the model continues to endure attacks from Selena Gomez's so-called fans. Basically, they believe the model stole Justin away from Selena and are still angry about it. Now, Hailey is ready to speak out about the continued attacks and confront the rumors head on. The skincare mogul will share her side of the story in an upcoming episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. A teaser of the forthcoming episode, which was shared to Instagram, starts with host Alex Cooper noting how "obsessed" people are with Justin and Selena's relationship. Cooper then asks Hailey if she was "ever with Justin romantically at the same time as [Selena]?"   Hailey responds, "This is so crazy. I've literally never talked about this ever. A lot of the hate and perpetuation comes from like, 'Oh you stole him.' It's about people knowing the truth, because there's a truth." As for what that truth is, we will find out on September 28 when the episode arrives in full. The episode preview teases, "Hailey makes it clear she wants to discuss this one time and one time only." Selena and Justin famously dated off and on for several years before separating for good in 2018. Shortly after, the "Ghost" singer began dating Hailey, and the two wed that September. While both Justin and Selena have moved on, a small but vocal group of fans still believe the two -- whom they dub "Jelena" -- were meant to be and have continued to attack Hailey because of that. Both Selena and Justin have publicly condemned the abuse. Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

  • Meghan Trainor teaches Jennifer Hudson how to do a TikTok dance

    ABC/Paula LoboJennifer Hudson asked Meghan Trainor to teach her the art of TikTok dances. For those not on the app, dancing is a popular way to go viral.   Basically, a person will choreograph a simple routine to a hit song. If they're lucky, it catches on and becomes a major trend on the platform. Meghan currently boasts 12.2 million TikTok followers and has created some of these viral dances herself, making her the perfect person to show Jennifer the ropes. Meghan appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show and took the powerhouse singer under her wing, showing her how to dance along to Meg's new song "Don't I Make It Look Easy." "I'm no TikToker, but I'm learning," Jennifer told the crowd before paying close attention to her teacher. Meghan instructed on how to count the beats of a song and encouraged, "I'm gonna do a quick dance and you're gonna copy it, okay?" Unfortunately, the Oscar winner flubbed the first move and earned a concerned "Oh, gosh" from Meghan.  Thankfully, that was the only mistake as the two flawlessly performed the quirky dance.   Turns out, Meghan is more than a great teacher -- her confidence is infectious because Jennifer went from being a little unsure to a full blown dancing diva. "You're a good teacher," Hudson repeated. "Really? Oh, I was gonna be a teacher," Meghan gushed and looked genuinely touched by the compliment. The Jennifer Hudson Show airs weekdays. The show's official website provides channel and time information. Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

  • Shakira ordered to stand trial in Spain over alleged tax evasion, faces up to 8 years in prison

    Roy Rochlin/Getty ImagesShakira will stand trial in Spain after being accused of dodging roughly $14 million dollars in unpaid taxes. A spokesperson in Barcelona for the Audiencia Nacional confirmed to ABC News that the Grammy winner has been ordered to stand trial. Shakira has been charged with tax fraud for allegedly not paying income taxes in Spain between 2012 and 2014. Prosecutors allege she owes the nation roughly 14.5 million euros or $14 million USD. Spanish prosecutors allege Spain was Shakira's primary residence during that time period, so she was obligated to pay the country's income tax.   The "Objection (Tango)" singer denies any wrongdoing. In a recent interview with ELLE, the hitmaker addressed her legal woes and called them "false accusations." Shakira refuted the claim she mainly resided in Spain between 2012 and 2014, adding she was "busy fulfilling my professional commitments around the world." She noted further, "I've paid everything they claimed I owed, even before they filed a lawsuit. So as of today, I owe zero to them." The singer also said she was advised by "one of the four biggest tax specialist firms in the world" at the time and is "confident" she was "doing things correctly and transparently from day one." She then accused prosecutors of intentionally harming her reputation by planting "salacious" stories about her in the press. In all, Shakira believes she will be vindicated in court. "I'm confident that I have enough proof to support my case and that justice will prevail in my favor," she declared. If convicted, however, Shakira could spend up to eight years in prison and pay a hefty fine. A trial date has not been announced.   Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

  • Maroon 5 announces Las Vegas residency for 2023

    Live Nation/MGM Resorts InternationalEarlier this year, Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine told ABC Audio that a Las Vegas residency was something the band would "absolutely love" to do. Well, now their wish has come true. The band has announced a residency at Dolby Live at Park MGM starting Friday, March 24, 2023. Called M5LV The Residency, it'll be custom-designed for the 5,200-seat theater. Right now, the residency has 16 performances scheduled: four in March, four in April, two in July and six in August. Tickets go on sale Monday, October 3 at 10 a.m. PT via Ticketmaster;  a fan pre-sale starts Wednesday at 10 a.m. PT. In addition, members of MGM Resorts' loyalty program, plus Live Nation and Ticketmaster customers, will get pre-sale access on Friday at 10 a.m. PT. James told ABC Audio that one reason the band wanted to do a residency was because, "It opens up possibilities for production, because if you're doing that many shows in a row in the same place, you can get a little bit more creative on different elements that you can bring to the show."  As for what sort of elements they'd like to have, James laughed, "Adam [Levine] has been lobbying to get me to fly above the crowd since day one. So maybe that's finally going to happen in Vegas!" Here are the scheduled dates for M5LV: March 2023: 24, 25, 29 & 31 April 2023: 1, 5, 7 & 8 July 2023: 28 & 29 August 2023: 2, 4, 5, 9, 11 & 12 Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

  • says Jack Harlow's "First Class" take on his song "Glamorous" was "freakin' awesome"

    ABC/Paula LoboWhen Jack Harlow took his song "First Class" to #1, it reminded fans how much they loved the song it's based on: Fergie's "Glamorous." Fergie approved of the sample, joining Jack to sing "First Class" at the MTV VMAs in August. But what about the guy who co-wrote "Glamorous," Fergie's Black Eyed Peas bandmate Turns out he approves, too. Asked about Jack's take on "Glamorous," will tells ABC Audio, "You know, we've sampled things in the past ... 'Ritmo' [is] a sample. So when people sample your stuff, that's freaking awesome. And when they put a take on things that came out of your mind ... I wrote 'Glamorous' in, like, 15, 30 minutes." "So to see somebody take what is really a freestyle that turned into a great song, Fergie killed it -- thank you to all the folks that were responsible for that song coming to life," will adds. He reserves special praise for Ludacris, who did the guest verse on the original version of "Glamorous" and came up with the song's most memorable line. "'If you ain't got no money take your broke a** home' -- that's a line. That's a lyric," he laughs. "I mean, 'cause if you try to go get something to eat and you expect me to pay? That's a really awesome line." As mentioned, the Black Eyed Peas' 2019 hit "Ritmo" was based around a sample of the 1993 song "The Rhythm of the Night" by Corona. Their current hit "Don't You Worry" isn't exactly sampled, but its phrase "Don't you worry 'bout a thing" has been used in songs by Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and other acts. Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.